Tips for Taking Care of Yourself After an Abortion

Tips for Taking Care of Yourself After an Abortion

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Unintended pregnancy can result in complications, but the rate of unplanned pregnancy is so high. When this happens at unexpected times, while least expecting it, then you will experience a number of emotions. But you need to think about the next move. You need to look for an abortion clinic in Bangalore and consult a doctor for the safe process. Remember, this won’t be easy. It is vital to give yourself time and look after your health, as the abortion can take a toll on your body. Thus, self-care is extremely important for the body. The list specifies the tips that will be helpful.

1. Follow the instruction of the doctor

When you visit a certified clinic for medical abortion in Bangalore, the expert will provide instructions about recovery after the procedure. Abortion is no doubt a safe procedure; infection can happen. The doctor will advise the use of antibiotic medication to prevent any infection. During this time, rest is essential as your body needs to get back to its usual self. Better follow the guidelines of the doctor to reduce any complications.

2. Know about the symptoms

After you have gone through such a challenging phase of abortion, there will be specific symptoms that indicate infection or other concerns. Thus you must stay aware of symptoms that might be possible after the abortion. Remember, the hormone needs to stabilize itself and return to the pre-pregnancy level. But if you experience heavy vaginal bleeding, shortness of breath, or excessive vaginal discharge with a foul smell, then there are symptoms of infection. So consulting the doctor will be helpful.

3. Proper rest

The abortion can take you through emotional and physical changes leaving behind a drained person. So you must not be afraid to take a few days to provide your body time to return back to your usual self. If you have had painful abdominal cramps, then taking the over-the-counter pain reliever can be good. Also, you use of warm heating pad on your abdomen or go for a warm bath to get relief. Make sure to visit an excellent MTP-certified abortion clinic for the proper professional support.

4. Acknowledge your feelings

 The hormonal changes in the body can bring a range of emotions. There will be a sense of guilt and loss. No matter your emotions, it is okay even if you choose to end the pregnancy. You must look for comfort and take good care of your own health and recovery. Remember acknowledging the feelings is not bad until they start overpowering you in negative ways.


Abortion can be a challenging time for women. Despite the risks, the sale of abortion pills in Bangalore is high. However, visiting a certified professional is advised as they can help you with the process and assure you get all the assistance you need. Given how it can change the body and take a toll, you must take proper rest and precautions.

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