What is a Curble Chair and How does it Work?

What is a Curble Chair and How does it Work?

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Corporate life is destructive, not to your bank balance but to your back. Long hours spent sitting in your chair. You start work in your chair when the sun is out, get up when the sun sets. All this sitting leaves your back stiff and your posture in the ruins. Even when you’re looking to have a break, you take a seat in the comfort of your home, turn on the tv and end up sitting and watching a movie for hours. Our day to day activities all revolve around us sitting in one spot, adjusting and bending in odd positions and our back is left to deal with the fallout. We slouch, don’t sit in a correct posture which over time normalizes and we do it without even realizing. This habit of ours leads to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica and leaves us in odd discomfort. Investing in a good chair, a chair that understands your back and your problems, a chair that helps fix what has faltered, becomes very important. Say we find the perfect chair, we can’t carry it around everywhere and we can’t buy more than one without driving up the budget. This is where Curble Chair steps in.

1. What is a Curble Chair?

You must be wondering, what an odd name for a chair brand. Next you’ll ask about its price, worrying about your budget, worrying about assembling it and a hundred other things. Us humans, we like to worry even without wanting to. We are wired to worry. When you bring the Curble chair into your lives, you won’t have to worry anymore about sitting and the many problems it brings. A Curble Chair is designed in such a way that it is advertised as the posture chair.

Normally we end up melting in our chairs, spread out our legs, lowering into the chair slowly but surely which damages our posture. Well a Curble Chair is designed to fix your posture, it corrects the way you sit. It aims to fix what has been ruined and makes sure that it doesn’t deteriorate in the future.

Now what is it, what’s the design, how can it be better than the hundreds of overpriced chairs? That’s because it isn’t a chair but it is. It’s a small, portable chair that you can put anywhere and just sit on it without worrying too much about your drooping posture or finding a wall to lean on. It’s convenient, easy to use, effective and you don’t have to worry about throwing out your old chair which left your back with the crackling sound. Just put the Curble Chair on your old chair and you’ll notice how it affects your posture, doesn’t let you fall back or melt into it as it holds you upright.

2. Should you use it?

Well, yes. If you care about your old self and want them to thank the present you for looking after the wretched back that is in store for them then you must use a Curble Chair. It corrects your posture, improves your spine health. It helps you sit upright and helps form the natural S position your spine must be in. With an improved posture, you won’t be slouching over, bending backwards, your neck won’t be all over the place. You’ll have a solid structure. You’ll be able to work for longer without being distracted by your back pains. For the nominal price, it saves your back and your body. Invest today and be grateful to yourself tomorrow.

3. How does it work?

You must be wondering, how can a portable chair work wonders for your back. Here’s how-

It is designed in such a way with flexible design and sufficient padding that it forces you to sit upright, holds your hips together and spreads the pressure of you holding yourself up. With less pressure and stress on your back, you can sit upright and can work in your spine’s natural positioning.

It’s a new concept to help you work on your posture without actively exercising, all you have to do is include it in your daily routine whenever you’re sitting. It’s flexible, durable, and can hold more than the average body weight. It’s great for growing kids as they have a habit of slouching over and with the help of Curble Chair you can mold your child’s bad habit into a healthy habit.

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