What Is The Future Of Natural Language Processing?

What Is The Future Of Natural Language Processing?

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Egypt is a place of great historical importance and a lot of texts are written in books or inscribed in stones. But what do they mean? You might be feeling lost. However, the solution to the language barrier can be NLP. Furthermore, natural language processing techniques can be an excellent tool to identify and set up bondage between natural language and machine language. This wondrous tool in linguistic NLP has built machines/computers with the same intelligence as human beings to understand natural language. But, before NLP three linguistic analysis is done they are 1) Syntax 2) Semantics, and 3) Pragmatics.

Know More About NLP Processing

Big Data or Machine Learning is more renowned than NLP(Natural Language Processing). However, NLP is being used every day. Moreover, it is an applicable logistic technique to narrow down the gap between humans and computers. Two processes help the mechanism of NLP to work successfully. That is a) The understanding of natural language (NLU) b) The generation of natural language (NLG).

NLU mostly attempts to resolve the ambiguity in natural language

  • The words have multiple meanings i.e. lexical ambiguity
  • Multiple parse trees are there in the sentence i.e. syntactic ambiguity
  • The sentences have multiple meanings i.e. semantic ambiguity
  • The phrases may contain different meanings i.e.anaphoric ambiguity

NLG is the part when sentences and phrases are documented to enhance readability. There are three stages in NLG that are

  • After the primary data are structured properly, the text planning phase started
  • The structured data is used in sentence construction as well
  • Finally, grammatically correct sentences are represented in the text. This stage is known as the realization

Present Natural Language Tools

In industries, NLP tasks are well executed by using python programming. The libraries and tools have made the programmers confident to handle the tasks. Moreover, NLP programs are created using most of these programming languages in the Natural Language toolkit. Further, NLTK is an open forum for libraries, programs, or educational resources. Furthermore, many NLP tasks are included in NLTK. Moreover, the libraries promote subtasks like word segmentation, sentence parsing, stemming, tokenization. Even, conclusions from derived texts.

What Case Natural Language Processing Use

When you discover how machine intelligence of the real world is being backed by NLP, where?

  • Detection of spam
  • Translation
  • Moreover summarization of the text
  • In social media

IBM Watson And NLP

IBM is interested in automating a broad portion of the business. In the process, NLP tools and services have been pioneered by IBM to introduce AI systems to the structure by gaining business insights. So, what are the tools

  • The Watson Discovery
  • NLU refers to Watson National language
  • The Watson Assistant
  • IBM Watson annotator for clinical data

Further Thought

Making aware of how to translate a document into another foreign language in an understandable format is a brilliant technology introduced by NLP. Further, the Egyptian language won’t matter in the modern real- world. Today’s technological advancement has created a successful human-computer interface. In the future more potential to prosper.

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