Yurt Camping – All You Need to Know About Camping in a Yurt

Yurt Camping – All You Need to Know About Camping in a Yurt

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We all live a busy life, the hustle and bustle of big cities often leave us feeling exhausted. 9 to 5s, running our own businesses, the culture of hustle is a necessity to survive in big cities and build a life for ourselves and our families. Just how television programmes run advertisement breaks, we humans need breaks too from time to time. Being in nature is a good way to take said break, to disconnect from work, gadgets, screens and our daily life. Now of course if you don’t possess the knowledge to live amidst nature and survive among the animals, then you will opt for cabin camping or tent camping. Both come with their own positives and negatives. But what if you could put them both together and enjoy the best of both worlds when you’re out there. Enjoy the experience of camping in a solid structure that can withstand tough weather conditions if any arise.

1. What is a Yurt?

A Yurt is similar to a tent but it is set up in a cylindrical structure and more sturdier than tents. Yurts were used by Central Asian nomadic tribes and have now been introduced in modern society. yurts in essex are bigger, durable and more functional than tents. Beds, couches, tables, stoves etc can even be accommodated in a Yurt for a more comfortable experience. Yurts have proper doors and windows whereas a tent has small doors and windows held by a zipper.

Yurts have become popular amongst people who want to glamp for the weekend with their family or friends. As Glamping has become more and more popular, Yurts have become the more popular choice amongst glampers. They are functional, comfortable and easy on the pockets as they’re affordable as well.

Yurt glamping is rising in popularity in the UK as it provides the luxury of a bed and the traditional experience of log burning fireplaces and stoves. With the sounds of birds chirping early in the morning, you’re awoken with sunlight hitting your face, you get to prepare a pot of tea and sit outside just soaking in the sun and fresh air. A weekend yurting is what many need as it’s the perfect break that isn’t very heavy on the pocket.

2. What to bring along on your yurt camping trip?

While it does provide some luxuries, a yurt is not a hotel but a camping experience. So you’ll be required to bring along some essentials to ensure a comfortable stay. Now what you must bring along varies from yurt campsite to campsite, so check their website for a list of essentials or ask for a checklist.

Head on over to the internet, search for glamping sites near you which provide yurts as well. Chances are that you’re living near such a site already. Dial them up, get good deals on yurt packages and spend a weekend with your family who’ve been asking for a vacation since forever or experience nature with your friends. Yurt camping is a well loved activity in the UK which is enjoyed by people of all ages and can even be enjoyed by you if you’re heading out into nature for the first time.

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