Cloud Pbx and Hosted Voice Solutions – How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Cloud Pbx and Hosted Voice Solutions – How Can It Benefit Your Business?

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Cloud PBX solution helps your business by taking your system into the cloud for improved flexibility, cost savings, and more. In today’s business world, finding ways to save time and capital while improving efficiency is essential, and your phone systems could be overlooked.

1. Save the upfront hardware costs hosted –

Secure cloud-hosted voice solutions only require VoIP phones– no costly operating system licenses. By hosting your phone system in the cloud, you cut out the high upfront expenses of a standard design and directly see savings.

2. Personalized features for every employee-

Rather than tying up internal IT help, employees can take customization into their own hands. Employees can smoothly set their custom phone features with cloud PBX’s website within minutes.

3. Proficiency to scale up or down as required –

With a cloud PBX system, you’re never locked into a specified number of lines. A hosted system can be effortlessly expanded or decreased, relying on your current staffing needs, so you never have to overpay for a service you aren’t operating.

4. Disaster recovery with no downtime –

Cloud PBX service exists in multiple, geographically various data centers, so it has the disaster recovery in place that’s critical for today’s businesses. Even if the lines to your location are missed, your clients will still be able to reach your IVR, and employees can even access calls re-routed to cell phones—100% uptime.

5. Feature-rich for boosted productivity –

Secure cloud-hosted voice solutions can boost employee productivity by up to 3.9 hours per week. With that growth, your business can make your resources go further.

An excellent example is Cloud PBX’s “follow me” feature, which gives employees the choice to receive calls on mobile and landlines. This cuts out unnecessary games of phone tag and helps employees communicate no matter where they go.

6. Increased security –

Security violations are a considerable concern for companies when sensitive customer information is compromised. A PBX technology has the option to encrypt data as calls take place, so your chats are kept private and secure.

Add-on Features –

Secure cloud-hosted voice solutions are flexible and can scale to your needs. Some new startups may need minimal elements to get started as cost-efficiently as possible. More critical, well-established companies may be looking to unlock the most parts possible for more integrated communications.

Regardless of where you fall on this hierarchy, partnering with a Cloud VoIP vendor offering the full suite of add-on features can change your business communications.

Some popular add-ons to consider include:

• Data Integration: Voicemail-to-email transcription
• Automatic Call Distribution: For communication centers or high call volume needs
• Interactive Voice Recognition: Smart call routing powered by intelligence built into the system
• Remote Management: Web-based management for adding phone lines
• Chat: For internal and external contacts, which may be combined with your customer relationship management (CRM) tool
• Video chat and teleconferencing options

Conclusion –

Forget the techie talk and buzzwords; here’s the conclusion. Not only will your company increase productivity, but it will save money too. By eliminating the upfront hardware expenses, your business will cut IT costs that can be reinvested elsewhere. Cloud PBX is a phone solution that looks good for IT and the balance sheet. Now that’s amazing.

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